BRE Engineering stands by our people, our products and our workmanship. We are driven to provide engineering solutions that go beyond the standard approach and provide real value to our clients. BRE is built and run by people, its people that BRE values the most and we strive to continue to build and operate our business with these core values as guiding principles.

  • Integrity – We deliver what we promise and keep you updated along the way. Projects don’t always go to plan but you can be assured that we’ll be there until its finished
  • Honesty – We are open and honest, if there’s a problem that affects your project, you will know about it and we’ll work together with you to find the best solution
  • Innovation – Sometimes the best solution is something that hasn’t been done before. At BRE we’re not afraid to step in to new territory. In a rapidly changing world, innovation is beneficial for everyone!
  • Trust – Building trust is a delicate business but it comes down to delivering in accordance with our values. Our results and professional conduct speak for themselves through the repeat business we win and the lost lasting relationships our company holds and continues to grow