Sieve shaker machines use vibration and oscillation to energise a stack of sieve screens to grade a mineral or soil sample into different sized particles. The sieve screens are clamped onto the machine bed via a pneumatic air bag which provides enough force to secure the screens while the machine is running.

The OST 450 will also integrate with existing automation infrastructure, flexibility is built into the design and you can choose how to configure the machine to suit your application, infrastructure and desired outcome. This product has been designed using efficient manufacturing principles. BRE prioritises the use of local manufacturers and has found that great quality products can be made here without significant cost differences compared to international manufacturers.

BRE designed and manufactured this set of sieve shaker machines for a client based in China. The machines will be loaded, run and unloaded in a fully automated process, the design facilitates integration into the clients existing infrastructure and control processes.


  1. Detailed design and drawings
  2. Manufacturing of machines
  3. Factory Acceptance Test